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The Charms of Bezengi: описание

  • Регион: Кавказ (все походы в этом регионе)
  • Нитка:The Village of Verkhnyaya Balkariya – Chajnashki River – Lake Gijbashkyol' - Dumala Mountain Pass (2977 m) – Kyuchmessu River – Ulluauz Glacier – Cherek Bezengijskij River – Bezengi Mount Camp
  • Длина: 110 km (trekking)
  • Сложность: средняя сложность, участникам с опытом
  • Длительность: 11 days (без дороги на поезде или самолете)
  • Размер группы: от 5 до 23 человек

Be prepared for lots of physical activity: walking with a loaded backpack, significant elevation gains and descents. There's a balance between challenging and easy walking days.

Moderate difficulty level. We recommend this tour for experienced hikers.

Might be tough for beginners, but if you're physically fit and exercise regularly this tour could be an excellent first experience of hiking.

Weather conditions: it's quite hot and sunny in the summer, though it's windy in the mountains and gets really cold at nights. Please look at our gear list and take all the required clothing.

Permits. This route passes through nature reserve and border zone, so arranging permits is necessary: at 30 days in advance for citizens of the Russian Federation, at 60 days in advance for foreign citizens (we will do that for you). Plan your vacation ahead of time!

Программа по дням


Mineralnye Vody – Verkhnyaya Balkariya – Chaynashki River

Arrival by train or plane to the city of Mineralnye Vody. We meet at the railway station next to "Orel" ("Eagle") monument.

Transfer to the starting point of the hike - Verkhnyaya Balkariya village.

Then we go up to Chaynashki river valley with backpacks where we set up camp for the night.

We put up tents, cook dinner and get to know each other around the fire.

distance 3 km, elevation gain 200 meters.


Chaynashki river

Today we go up to Chaynashki river valley. It'll be pretty hard but we'll get through it together and enjoy wonderful Caucasian landscapes!

distance 16 km, elevation gain 1000 meters.


Chaynashki river – Lake Gijbashkyol'

First we go up to the headwaters of Chaynashki river, cross Pastushij mountain pass, then finally see lake Gijbashkyol' with its emerald water. If the weather is good, we can go swimming!

distance 14 km, elevation gain 900 meters.


Chaynashki river Dumala Mountain Pass (2977 m) Kyuchmessu River Dumala river

Our morning starts with a little exercise - going up to Dumala mountain pass (2977 m). From there we can get the view of magnificent peaks Koshtantau, Ulluauz and Dumala.

We'll make some pictures and then descent down the river Kyuchmessu to Dumala river valley for an overnight stay.

distance 14 km, elevation gain 600 meters, descent 800 meters.


Headwaters of Dumala river

Easy day. We'll explore the headwaters of Dumala river without backpacks, take a closer look at snowy peaks around us and see how Ulluauz glacier is sliding down the mountains right towards our valley!

distance 20 km, elevation gain 600 meters.


Dumala river – Cherek Bezengijskij River Bezengi Mount Camp

Today we go down the Dumala river valley. The descent down the forest is steep but there's a trail. When we're at the bottom of Cherek Bezengijskij river valley we will see Gestolu – оne of the peaks of the famous Bezengi Wall.

Long way up to Bezengi mountain camp and we'll have a big dinner that we'll prepare all together on a fire or gas burners.

Setting up tents in a special place.

Sauna or hot shower is possible.

distance 7 km


Bezengi Mount Camp – Mijirgi Glacier – Bezengi Mount Camp

Morning in the mountain camp. Today is not too hard - we'll the see Mijirgi glacier without packs and Northern Array in all its glory, led by 5000-meter peaks: Dyhtau (the second highest peak of the Caucasus after Elbrus), Koshtantau and Midzhirgi.

What an amazing view for making memorable pictures!

distance 10 km, elevation gain 700 meters.


Bezengi Mount Camp – Baran Kosh

Today we leave the camp and move forward with backpacks. We'll see the biggest glacier of the area – Bezengi glacier.

We'll cross the border checkpoint (because we go into the border zone), and be at Baran Kosh in a half a day.

distance 8 km, elevation gain 500 meters.


Baran Kosh Dzhangi-Kosh – Baran Kosh

Rise up early and go for an easy walk with small backpacks and snacks! Bezengi wall is waiting for us! We'll see well-known peaks of the CaucasusShkhara, Shota Rustaveli Peak, Katyntau, Dzhangitau, Gestola and others.

In the evening we'll go back to Baran Kosh.

distance 12 km, elevation gain 500 meters.

DAY 10

Baran Kosh – Bezengi Mount Camp

We pack tents and go down to Bezengi camp. Can arrange sauna and a farewell dinner.

distance 8 km

DAY 11

Let's pack up camp, have breakfast and take a look at the mountains one more time!

We really don't want our adventure to end but it's time to go back to Mineralnye Vody, where we'll be after 2 pm.

In case of bad weather and other factors the guide is entitled to make adjustments to the schedule.

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Что включено в стоимость:
  • three meals a day
  • all group gear including tents
  • trail gas stoves and heaters for cooking
  • skilled guide
  • transportation for the duration of the trip
  • first-aid kit
  • cook work
  • Insurance
  • Satellite phone
Что не включено в стоимость:
  • train or plane tickets
  • personal (rental) equipment - backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad
  • hiking sauna

Как добраться

  • Туда

    By train or flight to Mineralnie vodi. 8 am meet of group first day of the trip.

  • Обратно

    You can go back on the same day the hike ends. Look for train departures after 4 pm (flights after 6 pm).