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Mount Elbrus climb (with accommodation at the mountain shelters)

  • Регион: Восхождение на Эльбрус (все походы в этом регионе)
  • Нитка:Itinerary: Mineralnye Vody – Baksan valley – Terskol Village – Azau Meadow – Refuge of the 11 – Mount Elbrus (5642 m) – Terskol – Mineralnye Vody
  • Длина: Length: 60 km (Difficulty: moderate, experience is not required)
  • Сложность: средняя сложность, участникам с опытом
  • Длительность: 8 days (без дороги на поезде или самолете)
  • Размер группы: от 5 до 18 человек
Краткая информация к полному описанию маршрута

Ascent to the highest summit of Europe and Russia, "the mountain of happiness" - Elbrus.
This tour is special because we stay in hotel and travel light most of the time. Tents are not used.
Why do people go to the mountains? This question bothers people who haven't seen them yet. For those who have such question just doesn't exist anymore. If you go to the mountains you'll definitely feel the need to climb higher and higher for your own reason - to create beautiful memories and be proud of yourself, to know that you are capable of anything.

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12.09 - 19.09.2019
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Что включено в стоимость:
  • What's included:
  • three meals a day
  • all group gear
  • trail gas stoves and heaters for cooking
  • skilled guide
  • transportation for the duration of the trip
  • first-aid kit
  • cable car
  • accommodation in hotels and mountain huts
  • National park entrance fee
  • trip to thermal (hot) springs
Что не включено в стоимость:
  • What's not included:
  • train or plane tickets
  • personal (rental) equipment
  • sauna, souvenirs

Как добраться

  • Туда

    How to get there:

    Arrival by train or plane to the city of Mineralnye Vody.

    We meet at the railway station at 10 am.

    By plane: you have to arrive before 8 am on the first day (or earlier)

    By train: train number 049 from Saint-Petersburg or trains 049 and 004 from Moscow

  • Обратно

    How to get back:

    We'll get back to Mineralnye Vody railway station by 15:30 on the last day of the tour.

    Flight departures must be after 18:00 (trains after 16:00).

  • Примечания

    Elbrus is waiting! Looking forward to seeing you soon!